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2011 Alice Cooper – Atlanta, GA

Like most folks my age… You were either introduced to Alice Cooper via the famous chicken incident:
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YouTube Alice Cooper Band in 1969 in Toronto

If you don’t want to watch the entire video: A chicken was thrown on stage. Alice, thinking chickens can fly threw the chicken back in the crowd where it was immediately ripped apart and thrown back at him again, in pieces, by a group of handicapped people.

Or you were introduced to Alice, like me, by The Muppets in March of 78.  I was 4 then… Dang, now you know!  :)
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YouTube Alice Cooper on the Muppet Show

I remember being scared mesmerized by the act. I mean… he even brought his own muppet monsters with him.

As the years went on, I realized what a performer Alice Cooper really was. So when I was given the opportunity to shoot the legend that is Alice Cooper, I jumped at it! Alice Cooper at Cobb Energy Center

He and his crew delivered their “No More Mr. Nice Guy Tour” to the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center in Marietta Atlanta, Ga.

It was a packed house and they were all ready for Alice to kick their butts.  Flagrant rock talk… 5 yard penalty. Still second down.



Here are a few of my favorite shots from the show…
Alice Cooper



I’d  like to see Alice try to swing a golf club with that jacket on… :)
Alice Cooper


With Alice on this tour is rock guitarist Orianthi.  She has performed on American Idol and with other acts like Adam Lambert, Mary J. Blige and Carrie Underwood live at the 2009 Grammy Awards. However, she is probably best know for her performance in Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” movie.  She was supposed to go on the road with Jackson, but we all know what happened to Michael before the tour opened.

Anyways… She’s is really cool and an awesome guitarist.  Check her out on Twitter if you get a chance.  @orianthi


The above photo isn’t as sharp as I would prefer, and I probably would have never shown the world this pic… But, I love the colors.

Alice… still rockin’ hard at 64 years young old. You thought I would use “young” in that last sentence… Didn’t you!
Alice Cooper & Orianthi


Alice singing 18… and he likes it!
Alice Cooper

And… of course, we always show a lil’ love to the guys that work behind the scenes to bring your favorite shows to life.
GREAT job fellas!
Alice Cooper sound board techs

Check out the rest of the set on my Flickr account:

Alice CooperAlice CooperAlice CooperAlice CooperOrianthi & Steve HunterChuck Garric
Chuck GarricAlice CooperAlice CooperAlice CooperAlice CooperAlice Cooper
Alice CooperAlice CooperAlice CooperAlice CooperOrianthiAlice Cooper
Tommy HenriksenTommy HenriksenAlice Cooper - Opening songSteve HunterTommy HenriksenTommy Henriksen

2011 Alice Cooper – Atlanta, GA, a set on Flickr.

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